Soon after the first BeachTraxx was built, it was apparent that people wanted these for different terrains. We experimented with weight distribution, wheelbase and length/width, but due to each purchaser having different requests it was decided that a "one-size-fits-all" approach was not going to work.

There are now 3 models to choose from.

BeachTraxx -- This is for sandy terrain, like the beach. This model has large wide tires,  and is very wide at 35"  It is available with the low pressure Wheeleez tires as well if you are dealing  with fine silty sand. It is not to be used on hard pack pavement or concrete

TrailTraxx  --  This model is the most versatile, it has very aggressive rear tires, smaller front wheels, Its shorter lengthwise and weight distribution is a little different. It is the best overall performer with trails, street, bike paths, grassy fields, and whatever you want to throw at it. At 30" wide, it will fit through doors. Street tires are available as well.

MonsterTraxx --  This model's name suits it perfectly. Imagine sitting eye level with everyone. It is front wheel drive, has aggressive tires and can conquer just about any terrain. This one is very wide at 36"